In our law firm we are specialists in conveyancing and property law, so if you wish to buy or sell a property in Spain we can help and represent you in this proceeding,  looking for your safety and advising you properly  in order to complete succesfull, as we have done it for more than 17 years in all Spain (Costa del Sol, Almeria, Murcia, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Balearics, Canary Island and mainland).

Our principal main it is the honesty, so always we are going to advice which it is better for you because the truth only has got one way and our satisfied clients can corroborate it.

If you wish to buy a property in Spain, the principal for us it is to check that it is free of charges  (mortgages, Court claims for bankcrupt, emcumbrances…etc).  Also to check if the property has got First Habitation License, because without this the construction it is ilegal.  If you prefer to buy a property off plan we must to check that all the building licenses are correct, but at the moment we advise to our clients to do not buy any property off plan except when the developer gives insurance or bank guarantee of the monies paid.

Also, as Lawyers Members of the Illustrious Law Society of Malaga we are covered with a professional liability insurance of 600,000 Euro, that it can be increase to the sum of 3,100,000 Euro for higher transactions if needed. So this is an important point to use the professional services of a Lawyer, because ALWAYS the transaction is covered and safe, firstable to use a Lawyer who knows the property law, risks and limits, and secondly because is covered by a professional liability insurance.

After we have checked that the property it is free of charges, we can make a deposit on the property and prepare the completion. If you need it, we can provide financial advice on mortgages and contact different Banks to see the best solution.  With the completion done, we must to pay the Taxes and after to registry at Land Registry.

If you are thinking to sell your property, you must to know the taxes that you need to pay (Capital Gains Tax and Plusvalia Tax). If you are spanish resident you can avoid the 3% retention (witholding tax).  With the 3% retention paid, we can apply for devolution if it is not profit on the sell ( more information of this in the section Taxes).