Inheritances, Wills & Taxes

Huge professional experience in inheritances  in all Spain, Inheritance Tax and Spanish Probates.

It does not matter if you have not got a will in Spain, because we can provide you an English Probate (through an English Notary Public in UK) and use it after in Spain (or from other countries from EU, Swizerland, US and others).

Different rules if the deceased person and their heirs are resident or not.

It is very important to know that most of cases Inheritance Tax in Andalusia it can be nothing if we use the official reductions for family (EU citizens 1,000,000 Euro per person -widow-er, children-).

Also, sometimes it is not necesary to pay anything if the widow-er wants to keep the property for 10 years (and if the property has been habitual residence for a minimum of 3 years), because in this case the reduction it is 95% on the value of the property.

For resident citizens, it is very commom to do not pay anything for inheritance tax if the heirs are the widower or children (and if they are residents also), because the reductions are very high in most of the Spanish regions.

It is obligatory now to check if the deceased person had any life insurance (i.e. sometimes VISA and MASTERCARD had life insurance and the family did not knew that).  In our office we provide official certificate from the Justice Ministry saying if the person had any insurance.

If you prefer to do a Spanish Will , we can prepare  it for you, in double column, english-spanish, making the will ONLY for the spanish assets (not valid for your countries, only Spain).